Thursday, August 10, 2017

Original print

My name is Richard Halsor and I represent Harvey Edwards, the photographer/artist who created "LEG WARMERS" back in 1978 and was in a show at Long Beach Museum of Art in 1979. The image represents Dedication, Sweat, Pain, Passion and the Desire to achieve through body and soul their personal goal in life as expressed through Dance by Harvey Edwards. Mr. Edwards is first cousin to Bruce Marks, principal dancer to the New York City Ballet Company in the 1960's where the seed was planted for Mr. Edwards to create images that make dance such a moving experience from within and sharing the most intimate emotions with the World. "LEG WARMERS" is the most recognizable ballet image Worldwide and is considered a classic and equal to Edward Degas creating ballet works of art.

Mr. Edwards has decided to sell the original hand signed c-print that was printed in 1978. This not the poster but the one and only original print.

It is hand signed on the print and on the eight ply rag board. The size is 18 x 24 inches and has been stored the archive room for over 38 years. This original photo was printed by hand and only one exists. The image was shot with a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex medium format camera. He used Transparency film and sadly it was destroyed in a fire many years later, thus no other originals of "LEG WARMERS" can be printed therefore who ever purchases it will have the right to say "I have the one and only original "LEG WARMERS" hand signed print" by Harvey Edwards. The print comes in a wooden crate and is insured.

CBS Sunday Morning filmed Harvey Edwards creating an Image called Lineaire Joindre for which all the proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald House in New York City. That CBS dvd will be included in the sale. Also included is his book "THE ART OF DANCE" signed, published by Little Brown, Bullfinch press.

The poster, "LEG WARMERS", has been in over 200 movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, print, articles and the list goes on. To give you a look at a small sampling where "LEG WARMERS" have appeared in, Sixteen Candles, Fame TV Show, Friends, Seinfeld, Jennifer Lopez music video, Dr. Pepper commercial, Ford Foundation annual report cover, Ernst and Young, and the list goes on and on. Celebrities who have owned works of art by Harvey Edwards, to name a few, are Diane Keaton, Angelina Jolie, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gerald Arpino, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Bennett, Cary Grant, Robert Redford, Elvis Presley, Joanne Woodward and that list also will be included in the sale. This is not the poster for sale but the hand signed original print for which only one was printed of "LEG WARMERS". Collectors need to know that the print that they are buying was made at the same time that the negative was created. They desire the one and only original print with a Provenance that can be authenticated in writing. Offers are now being taken till Sept 15, 2017.

Questions please contact
Richard Halsor 

by Harvey Edwards


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