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I'm not concerned about America I'm concerned that we would EVER consider Trump
as a candidate ! 

and his
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A brochure from Mike Pence’s 1988 House race, the first of two election defeats that helped shape Pence’s future political image. (Congressman Philip R. Sharp Papers/Ball State University Libraries) Mike Pence was a young lawyer on the rise, challenging a longtime Democratic congressman in a Republican-leaning Indiana district.
And then, scandal.
Campaign finance records from the 1990 effort showed that Pence, then 31, had been using political donations to pay the mortgage on his house, his personal credit card bill, groceries, golf tournament fees and car payments for his wife.

Pence and his NAY votes 

Patient affordable care act
Job protection act
Limits funding for war - did not vote
Cyber Intelligence sharing act - did not vote
Requiring licenses for Diabetes Educators
Appropriations for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Food and Drug Administration
Limited Funding for Endangered Species Act
Congressional Budget - did not vote
Ground Forces in Libya - YEA ?
Authorizes Limited Use of US Armed Forces in
 Libya ?

Department of Homeland Security
Removing Troops from Afghanistan
Food Safety Modernization Act
Seniors Protection Act
Mine Safety Act
Small Business Lending Fund
Aid to States for Medicaid and Teacher Employment
Whistleblower Protection for Offshore Oil Workers
Campaign Finance Disclosure - did not vote
  Science and Technology funding
Health Care Reconciliation Act
Employment, Infrastructure, and Transportation Appropriations Act
Increasing the National Public Debt
FDA Oversight of Tobacco Products
Hate Crimes Expansion
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009

As you can tell this is just a very small example of how Pence and Trump will DESTROY AMERICA.
YES ! ! !


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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I received a beautiful letter from Ashley Lauren Fisher and, to be honest, I never had an emotional reaction to anyone speaking about my work before but this letter brought me to the point of tears. I needed to share it with others. In a very minute way I understand a need to find hope. After three car accidents, not my fault, a train wreck and being housebound for a number of years due to agoraphobia, crippling depression amongst other disasters I lost all hope of ever being happy until I found using photography as an art form to express my emotions. I can't imagine what Ms. Fisher went through and won't even try. But Ashley Lauren Fisher affected me in a way no other person has, a desire thru suffering and strife can come hope for a full and meaningful future. Thus I share with you a very powerful story written by Ashley who calls it "Plie? it Forward and I call it "Despair to Success". As we live in a very stressful world today something in your life will change all that giving you hope and the motivation to succeed, no matter how large or infinitesimal it might be.

Plie? it Forward by Ashley Lauren Fisher
Is there any good left in the world, or is the world mostly just full of takers? Sure, some men and women try to better themselves by belonging to organizations, but for most, philanthropy is nothing but an obligation or social ranking event. Schools emphasize the importance of volunteering and charitable programs to satisfy academic credentials; but are we succeeding in teaching new generations to genuinely care about others? Google the rules of Kindergarten expectations, and see if you uphold to any of them. They aren’t hard to remember, so what’s the problem? Why are these basic courtesies so tricky to apply?

And can’t there just be an APP for that?
Unfortunately, being selfless feels much more like a primordial custom that one footnotes in an old textbook, than something we should enjoy forwarding along from a daily blog reading. People have become so disconnected from one another, when in theory interactions should be seamless and more accessible just based on current technology. Today we hear more about bullying and bombs than about giving back and paying it forward and I honestly think for most, Ellen de Generous is the only daily reminder to be kind to one another.

We should all be taking less and giving more. And I’m not talking about donating millions of dollars to a cause (yet I strongly welcome it); I’m talking about putting someone else’s needs before yours. The ability to be unselfish boils down to perspective, benevolence and gratuity. One is left to decipher through personal gauge the measurements of weighing loss, achieving gain and a desire to live and breathe within the code of making another life better. Profound? Not really.

Just recently, the Power Ball was over a billion dollars. A given proof if we reached into our pockets we could eradicate world hunger. Maybe contributions or voluntary gifts need to become a new fad in voting and likes on Facebook. Could a give to another crusade trend through social sharing by tweeting about a new hippie movement? I must confess that until recently I would’ve answered ‘no’ to this question, but a gentleman unknown to me changed my perspective.

When I was five years old, like many girls, I wanted to be a ballet dancer. My parents did what all great parents do, they mortgaged their house to give me the dance lessons a young tenderfoot could hope for while teaching me honest values and discipline. They pushed me to follow my dreams and strive for excellence. Along with their unanimous support they gave me a poster (I begged for) titled Leg Warmers by Harvey Edwards, who was a moving force behind making the art of photography accessible for all.

This image wasn’t the typical garden-variety shot of pretty pink toe shoes. It was different, special, and extraordinary. I was the luckiest girl in the world to have this poster hanging in my room as was every young ballerina, instructor, hoofer, rebel

teenager and principal dancer in the eighties.

To date, this iconic ballet photograph has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and was collected by Cary Grant, Robert Redford, Twyla Tharp and Baryshnikov amongst others. Ernst and Young, Misty Copeland and perhaps every single dance studio across the country have used this image. Leg Warmers appeared in over 200 movies including in Samantha Baker’s (Molly Ringwald’s) bedroom in Sixteen Candles and now will be featured in the 2016 X-Men Apocalypse.

Looking at the poster, I instinctively knew the image represented what it takes, a proof that attaining anything in this world was possible with constancy, endurance, courage and perseverance. I possessed these traits. In fact, I thrived through competition. I wasn’t a girl that admired Barbie’s. It was structure and angels, delicate textiles and materials that I found myself drawn to. I had passion for realism. I understood that great things were made from dirt, grit and smut. This gave me incredible focus to build my foundation. I saw no restrictions. The chance to reach stardom lived in my room and the formula existed within my poster. It wasn’t just a ballerina in fifth position. It was Flashdance.

At the age of 23 I sustained a spinal cord injury as the result of a swimming accident. How could it be that I was just modeling and checking off my physical talents in a NYC Agents office? I was vetting a Thoroughbred while riding with the British Equestrian Team's coach. I had performed in over three dozen Nutcrackers’, showcased Chopin in New York’s Steinway Hall, appeared in music videos and danced for MTV. Playing lacrosse, I had scored more goals than any other high school center in the country. I heli-skied abroad, snowboarded in the back trails of Vermont and was teaching my boyfriend how to rollerblade. Everything I had ever worked for, known and valued was stripped from my soul. I went from trailblazer to suicide gazer. What happened?
What happened is my life that was once a gift, was pilfered in a heartbeat.

Even today if you meet me and see all the wonderful things that I have achieved despite my disability, don't think for a moment that I don't feel the incredible absence of what was or should be, that now failed to exist. I now only have use of my right wrist. Easily, that is it’s own narrative but isn’t relevant to emphasize the point in life of paying it forward.

As I sat passenger to my spirit dying I witnessed the whole world rejoicing in my downfall. I knew the axis would continue to turn and other lives would carry on but my life came to a halt. I lost my control, mastery, and power. I became an obvious minority. I was vulnerable.

During my nearly twelve month residence at Kessler the cleaning company that serviced my home stole my wardrobe of couture clothes and jewelry. It didn’t matter. Every day, I envisioned myself in a black suit of morning I physically and mentally wore. I didn't feel any genuine understanding or kindness around me. I couldn't eat, speak, move or breathe on my own.
And so the story goes of sadness, wallowing times, redirection of my basic instincts and the need for intellectual stimulus just to survive. My mind needed an anchor to stop the drifting of ugliness I was submerged in. But in every corridor, waiting area and in my rehab room hung some insignificant picture imposing as a fictitious pastime. Thus, I trained my mind to only see one image, the Leg Warmers, a simple photo of a woman in fifth position plie?; would I ever be able to stand, bend or hold myself up like that again? How painful...

In the film G.I. Jane: Master Chief (Viggo Mortensen) said to O’Neil (Demi Moore) and the other Navy Seal troops that, “Pain is your friend, your ally, it will tell you when you are seriously injured, it will keep you awake and angry, and remind you to finish the job and get the hell home.” So, I turned my vigor inward. I humbled my objectives and listened to the same message my poster was whispering to me over the years. I focused on the girl that needed grounding, the plie? that signified grace, the taped slippers and the leg warmers that were torn from defeats and grand accomplishments. I weaned myself off the vent and fought to go home.

I remained concentrated on the truth, not on the happily ever after myth. I would never walk again. I worked hard just to overcome my fears of people seeing me disabled. Today, I am a living proof that you can resurrect. I revived my restaurant, built a brand, got an agent, and helped start an organization. I fell in love and raised two children in a lovely home.

After years of being in the hospitality industry in 2012 I received news I was the first runner up to David Burke for Restaurateur of the Year and I would be the recipient of the Gold Plate Award, an award recognizing dedication and commitment to the Hospitality Industry. My mother and father would fly in from abroad to attend the gala and stay with me for a few months. My business partner saw to it that his employees were there to get my house in order. Minimal construction and painting needed to be done along with moving some storage to create some open space. A gentleman named Bryant who worked for my partner’s company (for years) was there to assist me. He moved all my ski paraphernalia, relocated all of my Channel suits while listening to stories that went along with each outfit. I told him about my brother’s wedding, and the beautiful Alexander McQueen dress that I wore with matching butterflies in my hair. Passionately I described McQueen’s incredible talent and unfortunate death, and how lucky I was to own the dress that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore it in the Sex in The City movie once she finally got out of her "Mexicoma". He saw my Leg Warmers, understood the significance of this poster and admired my matching bronze statue. We moved my fur coats and resort wear and he teased me about my methodical approach to organizing.

When my parents arrived and saw my statue, naturally they asked about the matching poster. I assured them (of course) I still had it and it was only because I remodeled shortly before they arrived that they didn't see it properly hung.

You can imagine the hole I felt in my stomach when I returned to the basement to find my ski stuff, McQueen dress, Leg Warmers and many other valued treasures, which I loved and kept all neatly together, gone.

I was devastated, the image vanished that was with me through my youngest years, greatest challenges and hardest times. I hated myself all over again. I detested being broken, I abhorred my vulnerability, I loathed my dependence and I despised my body that wouldn’t allow me to run, kick and fight the man who stole from me. I felt silenced, still and shattered.
It took me a few weeks before I mentioned anything to anyone. I couldn't endure telling another grotesque story about my life. Not only was this an event emerged in misery but also for all other sensitivity purposes I was complaining about an object. But my heart felt empty. These were not just “things”. I was taught to appreciate matter in front of me whether it's a piece of wood, inexpensive and holding no value or a tourmaline demonstrating brilliance.
In my determination to not let a stranger get the better of me, I began my Leg Warmers search. I came across hundreds of wonderful messages attributing the photo, which was sentimentally rewarding. I then contacted the photographer’s website to inquire about the piece.
Can someone please get back to me about these items?

Dear Ashley,
How can I help you? Regards,

I then wrote a short paragraph explaining what had happened and asked if I could purchase any print at all or possibly one that was numbered and/or signed. I received a caring email from Mr. Edwards explaining that there were only three hand signed original posters left, put aside for history. He left me with his email and told me he would send me something for appreciating his work. I was surprised that he got back to me so promptly and was grateful for our communication. The direct correspondence instead of having the emails go through his staff was sensitive. I could feel he genuinely wanted me to be content.
I wrote him back thanking him for a timely response along with a short paragraph of what his work resembled to me.
“I was always captured by the diligence and truthfulness that picture commanded of a ballerina, while leaving the dance gazers and aficionados left to ponder. As you know, it isn't satin shoes and roses....or a snapshot of slippers with ribbons and rainbows. It's truth-

It's a photo of the beginning.

The beginning of anyone's journey that yearns for the success of life but understands the tale that anything worth accomplishing is hard work.
-Achievement by determination, love, practice, pain and perseverance.
This statement in a soft plie? is what those legs demanded the world to see.

To reach takes effort, and although that may not always be pretty it may leave you with the picturesque dream at the end of your venture that you were shooting for.
Mr. Edwards that is what your photo meant and did for me.
It made me want to dance, to be an artist, to kick ass and kick ass well!!!! I never collected any other posters. God only knows where my Leg Warmers ended up but know that it traveled from my childhood bedroom, to apartments and into hospitals sustaining the darkest and most difficult years of my life. I cherished it for thirty-five years.
It is an inspirational photo to many, and you should be very, very proud. I love it.”

A few days later I was at my restaurant hosting an event for our town mayor. A crate was delivered along with a phone call very specifically asking if the package had arrived and if it was signed for. I collected the package and read the note that came along with it:

Dear Ashley,
Words cannot express the warm feelings I felt when I read your email. I hope this last print I own puts a smile on your beautiful face.

Your humble friend,

Inside the crate was the original poster printed in 1977/78 for The Long Beach Museum of Art with a personalized message. Uncontrollably, a sea of emotions rushed over me. I felt spellbound and full of faith. A one-time stranger was now my saint. He reached into my darkness and created a beam of light. Mr. Edwards proved with his altruism that giving not receiving is the value of true relationships. He put a complete strangers happiness directly before his own and in return felt full filled.
Please stop and take the time to appreciate the things in your life you were given and remember to give back to others.
Reminisce about the basic rules of listening bodies, raising arms, taking turns, soft voices, safe and walking feet, helping hands and caring hearts. Be kind to one another; remember that a gift is expecting nothing in return except the feeling of being content.

Not unlike all fairy tales in my story there is a villain, a fairy godfather, a warrior and a cozy cottage possessing a magic pair of slippers.
There are morals to uphold and a positive message to pass along.
And I am the luckiest girl in the world to have my Leg Warmers hanging in my room. Plie? it forward.
Ashley Lauren Fisher 
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Fact Finding News

THAT'S THE TRUTH ! ! ! ! !

Wednesday, May 25, 2016



We are going down a path of doom for all Americans.
I am not a writer but I can express the reality of the here and now through images and words.
The second amendment was created on December 15, 1791 and became part of the United States Constitution. Little did our forefathers know that in 2013 this would be the biggest mistake they ever made. Why? Back in 1791, there were no assault rifles. Unless you want to call the Gatling gun an assault rifle. It actually was the first machine gun (or assault rifle) used in America to fight wars. If assault rifles and semi-automatic guns were banned I would have no problem bringing back the 125 lb Gatling machine gun rolling around on wheels.
Here is where we have lost all commonsense. The propaganda killing Czars, Wayne Lapierre, Jim Porter & Chris W. Cox
are trying to put the fear of God in you. Explaining that if each American carried a gun, which includes all guns,
this country would be a safer place to live. THAT IS THE BIGGEST LIE AND IS TRUTHFULLY THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

Many times this monster of death, National Rifle Association leader, Wayne LaPierre, argued on NBC’s Meet the Press that “there weren’t enough good guys with guns" to confront the shooter responsible for last week's Washington Navy Yard rampage and he insisted that "when the good guys with guns got there, it stopped.” The problem is that not one person in America, except for Law Enforcement and the military, can be trusted. WHY? We are living in an age where the economy is in the toilet, people are out of work, poor, frustrated, mad, fearful of the future for America and the future of their family, children, fear mongering from the NRA Chris W. Cox, the GOP and The Tea Party. Everyone has a breaking point no matter who they are and that's just a plain and simple fact. Commonsense goes out the window and irrational behavior takes over. The fact is many people lose hope and some decide to end it by suicide. Sadly, many want to make a statement by KILLING others whether it's co-workers, family, friends and the worst of all CHILDREN.

Lapierre says that everyone should have a gun to protect themselves from what? Wayne Lapierre, who I believe is using the Second Amendment dating back in 1791, as an excuse to extort MONEY from gun manufactures and NRA members. Lapierre & Cox could care less who lives or who dies just that they win. I call them mentally unbalanced with the commonsense of a dead chicken.
Just think about it. If you have problems you can't get a handle on anything.  You look to release the stress, pain, anger on something or someone. Thus, the more guns available the more they will be used to destroy what they think will set them free. Most times, a person that is mentally disturbed will go on a shooting rampage.  You will never know before it happens. How many times have you heard from family, friends, co-workers that the perpetrator was such a nice human being. They were always courteous, friendly, a nice and quiet neighbor but suddenly he goes off the deep end and KILLS twenty innocent people.  Who knew this person was hiding a monster ready to come out anytime and anywhere?

Lapierre is a politician saying whatever you want him to say. Example:  Lapierre and the NRA say they must have very strong and detailed background checks which sounds like commonsense but they are blatantly lying right to the camera.
Two Colorado state senators that faced a historic recall election were also going against a ramped up financial contribution from the National Rifle Association. The NRA donated more than $350,000 to the Colorado Recall Effort of the two Democrats who supported new gun laws.
A campaign finance report released recently shows the NRA has increased their support of the recall efforts of Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs and state Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo by an additional $250,000. The Fairfax, Va. based gun rights group had already spent more than $100,000 in an effort to defeat the lawmakers bringing the NRA's total contribution to over $361,700.
"It was a grassroots effort for a little while, but when that didn't take at all, it was clear they were getting money from outside. And I wasn't the least bit surprised the NRA was behind it," Senate President Morse told CNN shortly after the legislative session ended.
The increased contribution came on the heels of a $350,000 donation from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to the two democrats facing recall last Wednesday.
Morse and Giron faced Colorado's first recall at the state level on Sept. 10 in response to their support of a package of new gun control measures that were signed into state law earlier this year including LIMITING THE SIZE OF AMMUNITION MAGAZINES and universal background checks for all firearm sales and transfers.

ASSAULT RIFLES. WHO THE HELL NEEDS THEM EXCEPT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE MILITARY? As Charlton Heston said when he was president of the NRA and I quote "You can take my rifle ... when you pry it from my cold dead hands!" we'll he's gone and so is his gun, so be it, THANK GOD.  Do the hunters need them to make "swiss cheese" out of a deer using an assault rifle? Are you going to use the Second Amendment as an excuse to own them or do you really believe that the government is coming after you? Do you really think that if the government can use a drone an assault rifle with protect you? If that's the case, you need serious mental help. Are you a child that if your toys are taken away, you'll  have a TEMPER TANTRUM? That's what commonsense tells us is exactly what's happening. Bring back the Gatling gun and only the Gatling gun to play with and maybe that will satisfy your hunger for a big a gun.

If you think more guns will protect you, you're very wrong. Criminals will always find a way to acquire a weapon. I'm more concerned about the "normal, everyday citizen," the crazies, the bigoted, the self named vigilante, the ones with anger management issues. The math is quite simple...the more guns in the hands of your "average citizen" equals more killings.  And, if you think that you need one to protect yourself, please check the stats and you'll realize IT DOES NOT SAVE YOU IT PUTS YOU IN MORE DANGER. If a gun totting criminal breaks into your house, and, you also have a gun someone will die and it could be YOU. Lately, there have been more home invasions and the one thing they take is your gun which means more guns for criminals.  Do you understand now?  WE NEED MORE COMMONSENSE NOT MORE GUNS.
Gun control laws, WHERE ARE THEY ? The NRA is like the mafia who own the GOP (PIMPS) controlling the Republican politicians who become their PROSTITUTES. Wayne Lapierre, The NRA, GOP and The Tea Party are our biggest "Terror Threats", bigger than terrorists abroad that want to kill us. All they have to do is sit back and watch Americans Killing Americans. Many countries around the world have taken the road of COMMONSENSE such as Australia, England, Sweden, New Zealand, South Korea. 


International Gun Law Comparisons
Are there fewer gun deaths in countries that ban guns?
The United States is so much higher than other countries, it's amazing. In 2004, there were 5 gun deaths in New Zealand; 37 in Sweden; 56 in Australia; 73 in England; 184 in Canada and 11, 344 murders in the United States. It's more than any other industrialized country. In this country, we have thirty-two murders everyday. Many countries do not get that in a year.

The United States is the world's biggest exporter of guns as well as the world's biggest importer of guns.

When we focus on the dangers to our children because of the easy accessibility of guns in the United States, that is the most shocking thing, I think, that we can look at. The number of homicides of children in the United States is five times higher than the next twenty-five industrialized countries in the world - combined. To have a child dying every four hours in this country, to have the number of murders, to have the number of suicides, to have the number of accidents, speaks to the fact that we are not treating our children well. We are not setting an example for the rest of the country. We make it too easy for children to be the victims, for for children to die, for children to be injured by guns in this country.

One of the challenges with guns is that in the United States, we don't have good statistics on who has guns and where those guns are. So a lot of things are based on surveys. In other countries, they've got better records on the guns, so those numbers are a little more definite and clearly defined. But, a lot of the studies in the United States are based on samples of a couple of hundred people responding to questions. Those surveys and the resulting statistics can be manipulated, or twisted, or misunderstood pretty easily. But, I can guarantee that whatever comes out of the mouths from Wayne Lapierre, The GOP or The Tea Party is DEADLY.

We are not flesh and blood to these heinous people; the NRA, The GOP, The Tea Party we are simply part of a faceless crowd and they really don't care about us. They care about power, money and more power and more money.  MAYBE, GOD FORBID, IF ONE OF THEIR  CHILDREN OR FAMILY MEMBERS WERE KILLED


Our government is supposed to protect us and keep us safe.
Human life is short enough...don't help them make it any shorter.




 THE KOCH BROS, THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION, STANLEY HUBBARD, TOM ROSEN, FREEDOM CLUB, AMERICAN CROSSROADS. These are the People who have given $100,000 or more TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. These contributors, and thousands more, listed below by the Republican Party have helped to create a
that will fill a graveyard the size of Texas.
George Abbott of Palm Beach, Fla. Sam Joseph Bamieh of San Mateo, Calif., a businessman. J. Patrick Barrett of Fayetteville, N.C., former Avis chairman. Patricia D. Beck of Dallas. Fred B. Bullard Jr. of Clearwater, Fla., a developer and owner of the Jacksonville Bulls. Bill Daniels of Denver, a cable television executive. Edward J. Debartolo Jr. of Youngstown, Ohio, a developer and owner of the San Francisco 49ers. Asher B. Edelman of New York, an arbitrageur. Nicholas C. Forstmann of New York, partner in a buyout concern. Theodore J. Forstmann of New York, partner in a buyout concern. Bob L. Gaddy of Fayetteville, Ark., president, Pace Industries Inc. Alan Gerry of Liberty, N.Y., chairman of the Cablevision Industries Corporation. George N. Gillett Jr., of Nashville, chairman of Gillett Holdings. Joseph B. Gildenhorn of Washington, D.C., a real estate executive. Seymour C. Graham of Hazelton, Pa. Rudi H. Gresham of Orange City, Fla., owner of a chain of radio stations. Leon Hess of New York, owner of the New York jets. Patricia Wiman Hewitt of Chadds Ford, Pa. Henry L. Hillman of Pittsburgh, industrialist and venture capitalist. James F. Keenan of Fayetteville, Ark. Susan G. Keenan of Washington, D.C. Donald P. Kelly of Burr Ridge, Ill., a former chairman of the Beatrice Companies. Diana Dollar Knowles of San Francisco. Henry R. Kravis of New York, a senior partner in Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Company, a buyout concern. Ronald S. Lauder of New York, a former Ambassador to Austria. Myron Kent Martin of Dallas. M. J. Moroun of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, heir to a trucking empire. Henry M. O'Neill Jr. of Columbus, Ohio, former chairman of Beverage Management Inc. Santo P. Panzarella of Manhattan Beach, Calif. Milton J. Petrie of Secaucus, N.J., chairman of the Petrie Stores Corporation. Meshulam Riklis of Las Vegas, a business tycoon and husband of entertainer Pia Zadora. George R. Roberts of San Francisco, a founding partner of Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Company. Stephen M. Ross of New York, president of the Related Companies. Stanley S. Tollman of New York, chairman of a hotel group. John W. Waller 3d of New York, a cable television industry broker. Whitney Wheelock of Minneapolis, president of the Minnesota Vikings. Joseph Zappala of St. Petersburg, Fla., investor and land developer.


“Governments can err, Presidents do make mistakes, but the immortal Dante tells us that ~Divine Justice~ weighs the sins of the cold-blooded and the sins of the warm-hearted on a different scale. Better the occasional faults of a government living in the spirit of charity, than the consistent omissions of a government frozen in the ice of its own indifference.”
— Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1936


My fellow Americans,  we heard a call throughout this land 238 years ago from Paul Revere and William Dawes of impending danger. Today, we again are being "WARNED" of at least an equal impending danger or even worse.
Harvey Edwards is calling out "DANGER" from the highest peak to all able bodied,  clear thinking citizens of this great nation! It is our responsibility to "PROTECT" everyone and all the children of The United States of America of a "GRAVE DANGER"!
As with the British and the Terrorists who have made strikes against this nation over many decades and centuries,  this is a declaration of impending "DANGER" coming from within our own ranks! The NRA and the Gun Manufacturers are looking to fill their own pockets, inject massive amounts of money into their "Profit" column by manufacturing an aura of "FEAR TACTICS" into our society. This "Hidden Agenda" manipulation is a tool of "Marketeers" always taking the side of for "Profits".
Do we as Americans want to be known as "Easy Targets" for an organization such as The NRA and their Gun Manufacturers simply for their GREED?
I believe that we can stand up to the NRA and their Gun Manufacturers because this is a country that places "Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness" for each individual as the most valuable "TREASURE" for each citizen.
We cannot accept being rated so poorly throughout the world because of our "Gun Violence"! This nation is an experiment in action and should continue to grow and be in flux evermore inching toward "Perfection" of a "Democracy" for "We The People" not for any private 1%,  corporation,  group or organization. 
I have lived in other nations where there were "No Guns Allowed" or a strict "Gun Law". It was totally safe and comfortable to be out and about 24/7 in vast cities or small villages. The citizenry of those places as well as myself felt always at ease and had no stress. That is exactly what I want for my fellow countrymen!
I have been in countries where there is violence with "Storm Trooper" type guards at the rail & subway stations as well as throughout the land. I had a new perspective of those citizens being more subdued, highly stressed and not in very happy moods.
If we let the NRA run rampant,  we too will have a very unpleasant society in our nation! Why is it that so many people feel they must have an arsenal of weaponry with many different guns that deliver high volumes of rapid fire? It isn't because they feel more safe. It is a feeling of "POWER" that is truly a rampant trumped up "Fake Facade" incurred to our citizens on a "Subliminal Level" to evoke a fear response that "We are NOT SAFE without Guns"! This is a tactic for "Total Control" over all of us that is intrusive and should NOT be ALLOWED!
The NRA and The Gun Manufacturers are actually "Belittling" all of us as they are literally laughing behind our backs! We should NOT ALLOW any corporations or organizations influencing our representatives and our country to "HIJACK" our nation and hold it in "RANSOM"!
These people who are so vocal in wanting a free gun society need to view patients in emergency wards with gun shot wounds. They should see the corpses in autopsy rooms or morgues and the site from where the body was removed. Another unpleasant sight are the bodies in an Anthropology suite determining  who the corpse is and trying to identify it as a real person with a viable history. These suggestions might be an unpleasant recommendation, but, I assure you that it would make a huge difference for the viewer. It made a huge impact on my life and why I'm outspoken against The NRA and The Gun Manufacturers!
We all need to "HEED" the "ALARM ALERT" so well explained by Harvey Edwards.  We should appreciate the effort of his explanation both written and visual. This is a "CRITICAL ISSUE" that needs to be "ADDRESSED" and "RESOLVED" for the "SECURITY" of this "NATION" and its "ENTIRE CITIZENRY"! Not one us should remain "SILENT"! It is the "SILENCE" that The NRA and The Gun Manufacturers are counting on!
"STAND UP AMERICA"! Take action to have a "SAFE COUNTRY" by defeating The NRA and The Gun Manufacturers with a "STRONG CLEAR VOICE" by defeating their "AGENDA"!
Marlene' Nadeau
Art Historian & Anthropologist  





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Friday, April 8, 2016


FYI .....This was an ad in my local paper. It says everything about our country, funny, real and pathetic.


I'm confused I thought religion was about being against violence and loving mankind. What does bullets and beer have to do with that.

I'm done with all the lies and deception
our politicians have forced upon us.

I have decided to make my own world and ignore the
all the negativity and only create a world that is devoid of
man made suffering for most. I will try to help those in need but the rest can fuck off.
I suggest you do the same as life is too short to waste away.

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Show the world or at least your friends what you think about the KING OF CRAP

No it does not smell but it does leave you with a very strong stench in your mind.
It will never leave you no matter how much you try and follow you everywhere........

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From a really BAD CAUSE (Trump) to a

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